Pizza or Man? Hunger or pleasure?

For those days of boredom, extreme restlessness or simply if you feel like a company that can become a "jerk", Grindr is one of the many options to satisfy, this or any other. Single? With couple? Married? What is the problem? Just as in a work, business or personal relationship, there are rules that make them work, there are also these parameters in love relationships. You can be single and have a stable life, be married, engaged or with a partner and share with your partner, in the end what makes the nexus, are those unbreakable agreements between the members of the couple, the now called "Thruple" (relationship of 3 members) or a polyamorous relationship. Two meters from you, 1 km or more, in your favorite restaurant, your work or wherever you can imagine it is that appointment that will bring out your angels, demons, guilty tastes, fetishes or even the love of your life.Why not? It is only a matter of turning on your application, as it works with geolocation and will tell you where it is. It begins with a "tap" which is the equivalent of a "hello, I'm here", so if he answers you then you will know that he is interested and from then on you will be able to remove the linker, satyr, angel or demon that you carry inside. You will also find that Grindr has its own vocabulary, which makes it easier to discover empathy with all the boys you meet..

Roles: top, inter-top, inter, inter-bottom or bottom Which one are you? Love situation: Serious relationship, dating, committed, exclusive, married, open relationship, as a couple or single. Which one do you identify with? Tribes: bear, neat, mature, discreet, geek, athlete, leather, otter, HIV positive, male, trans, twink, sober. Which one do you belong to? You can also indicate which is your priority or search reason such as: chat, dates, friends, contacts, relationship or meeting now, what are you looking for? now you know? The task will be to find and discover other abbreviations that are already used in the vocabulary of the community. I challenge you to take yours and exploit it to the fullest: XL, XXL, PAS CL, ACT CL, INTER CL, AVAILABLE, NSA, CRUISING, FUN, ASK, 2 + 1, COUPLE; among many other emojis that will automatically make your imagination work and without thinking you will already be giving your first "tap". The use of Grindr in Vallarta is quite high, and if you already use it, you will know then that your friend, your neighbor, boss, your friend's boyfriend, your neighbor's husband and even your ex use it, ironic right? But you have already seen more than one of those mentioned in the app's photo mosaic, or I'll give you another example, in a meeting with your friends, how many don't exchange profiles or photos of those who are active or with a profile in the app?, turn it on in the club and you will love to see who is there. Like everything in life, there are risks and you will be solely responsible for going to meetings in other places or taking someone to yours because they are still unknown and the consequences must be assumed responsibly and never blamed anyone for them, but if you take your decisions with the utmost caution and responsibility, you will then enjoy express companies, invitations to the cinema, to dinner, to travel, to know the fashionable places, to grow your number of friends, even to increase your “cattle”. Life is wonderful, enjoy it, be you, be free, make your decisions with the greatest respect, responsibility and caution to enjoy everything without limits. SEAVIEW MAGAZINE celebrates freedom in all its expressions and with this it is committed to bringing you articles of current interest, fresh and with real content from the entire LGBTTTIQ + community and that is why you can send us your comments to: , suggestions or topics that you would like us to discuss in our next issues, thus filling in the content and interacting with our readers.