Orgullo Versalles is a movement that was born in one of the most promising neighborhoods in Puerto Vallarta: La Versalles.

You might ask yourself, Why Gay Pride? Here we explain it to you. The LGBTQ + community identifies this movement as International Pride Day, also known as International LGBT Pride Day and other variants, it is an unofficial day that is celebrated worldwide every June 28 in commemoration of the Stonewall riots of 1969, to reaffirm the feeling of pride over traditionally marginalized and repressed sexual and gender identities and orientations, and to make visible their presence in society and their claims. In some countries and cities it coincides with the gay pride march and other festivities related to the LGBTQ + movement. In honor of that we joined Versailles Pride. The Versalles neighborhood is the new gastronomic route that will be able to satisfy the most demanding palates. Restaurants, cafes, galleries are some of the proposals to visit where we are sure that you will return for the wide variety it offers. Versailles Pride is undoubtedly here to stay in such a way that year after year this movement will leave you with your mouth open as it left us. With this type of event, the union between the restaurants and shops in the area is sought to give Vallarta and the tourist in general other areas where to shop, enjoy national and international dishes and above all and most importantly, have a healthy competition. . In the framework of gay Pride, we join the LGBTQ + community and Pride Versailles to always be adding together and joining forces to be a more inclusive society. We had the pleasure of having in this celebration one of the most representative theatrical Transformists of Puerto Vallarta, such as Edgar Treviño, the incredible Mitra and Drag Queen directing the event, the Kiki house of paradise dance academy with the iconic "Voguing" contest of poetry, sale of paintings, gastronomy crafts, among other options that returned to the magical event. We invite you to visit Versailles and discover for yourself this gastronomic and cultural offer that is beginning to be quite strong.